Your book won't write itself, but you don't have to write by yourself.

As a member of Ruth Buchanan's seven-week Tell Your Story writing workshop, you will enjoy help, guidance, accountability, and expert coaching within the context of creative community.






2023 Workshop Dates

You will have four opportunities to join the Tell Your Story workshop during 2023.

January 17 - February 3

March 28 - May 12

August 8 - September 22

October 3 - November 17 

Registration for upcoming sessions will open 4-6 weeks before the session's start date. To get on the early-bird list and be informed the day registration opens for a particular session, contact [email protected].


Join Workshop!

No writer succeeds alone.

In fact, they don’t even try!

In God’s plan, we all need one another.

Writers lean on friends, family, editors, mentors, teachers, and fellow writers to keep themselves on track.

In our warm and welcoming writer's workshop, you will enjoy

  • Help and inspiration
  • Outside perspectives
  • Courage to move forward
  • Encouraging environment
  • Safe space to present new work
  • Professional development and guidance
  • Discussion of publication pathways
  • Personalized mentorship
  • Stylistic growth
  • Live Q&A’s
Yes! I Want This!

Heather Thompson Day

-Author of I'll See You Tomorrow

The publishing industry is hard. You will need to put your best foot forward, and I believe Ruth can help you do that.

Amy Sondova

-Tell Your Story workshop alum

Ruth Buchanan takes chances on people when she sees even a glimmer of talent.  That’s what she did for me.

I know exactly how you feel.

I’m Ruth, your leader in the TELL YOUR STORY workshop.

Ten years ago, I was a full-time classroom teacher who liked to write on the side. I cherished a dream of publication but had no idea how to make my dream a reality.

My biggest hurdle was getting started.

I wasn’t sure how to complete a book, let alone take it to publication.

After spending thousands of dollars to attend conferences, take courses, and consult with experts, investing literally years of my life in alternating fits of frustration, flailing, and trial-and-error, I finally starting seeing reward for my efforts.

I’m the traditionally published author of nine books, four plays, countless articles, and more projects in the pipeline. 

I Want That, Too!


January 17 - February 3, 2023

Week 1 – Live Workshop: Clarifying your message

  • Tuesday, January 17, (7pm-9pmEST) 

Week 2 – Finding your voice

  • Self-directed module
  • Submit chapter breakdowns and book overview, begin drafting Chapter 1

Week 3 – Live Workshop

  • Tuesday, January 31, (7pm-9pmEST)

Week 4 – Streamlining your prose

  • Self-directed module
  • Submit Chapter 1

Week 5 – Live Workshop

  • *Monday*, February 13, (7pm-9pmEST)

Week 6 – Pursuing publication pathways

  • Self-directed module
  • Submit Chapter 2

Week 7 – Live Workshop

  • Tuesday, February 28, (7pm-9pmEST)
  • Personalized feedback and individual coaching sessions*

*Live sessions and individual coaching via Google Meet. 

In my experience, here are a few fears that hold first-time authors back:

1. Fear of failure
2. Fear of commitment
3. Fear of vulnerability

If you’re feeling those things, let me reassure you.

You are totally normal! I still feel them every time I start a new project.

More than anything else, though, would-be authors tend to throw up their hands and say, “But I’m not really a writer!”

And guess what: you never will be until you start thinking of yourself as one.

Repeat after me:

“I am a writer, and I’m working on my book.”


By the end of the workshop, you will have a clearly defined focus, chapter breakdowns, and


of your book written, revised, and ready to share with early readers or attach to a book proposal!

You will also develop the skills you need to see the project through to completion.

I Want In!


To retain intimacy and allow for personalized attention, spaces are extremely limited.

One-Time Payment



  • 7 weeks of hands-on support, guidance, and accountability
  • 4 live, 2-hr. workshop sessions 
  • 3 self-directed modules
  • 1 one-on-one coaching appointment
  • Book focus narrowed and chapter breakdowns completed and professionally evaluated
  • 2 chapters completed during the workshop professionally revised for clarity and style