"I love to write. But I feel like I'm out here on my own."

Writing rewards long-term commitment to the craft. Unfortunately, writing can often feel incredibly lonely. 

Generating ideas, revising drafts, and following projects through to completion requires you to give so much of yourself—often all by yourself. 

Does anything you’re writing make sense? Are you even on the right track? 

You don’t have to go it alone.

I know exactly how you feel.

I'm Ruth Buchanan, creator of the Storytellers Network, and I know this feeling from the inside out. 

I’m the traditionally published author of nine books, five plays, countless articles, and more projects in the pipeline. 

For years, I floundered through the writing world alone. I was navigating publishing woes and creative angst, learning everything by trial and error, and wondering if anybody else was having as hard a time as I was.

As it turns out, the answer is yes.

Over the past few years, I've met hundreds of authors who have attested to the same thing.

Many of us are just out on our own, each of us reinventing the wheel for ourselves. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

We were not created to work alone. 

In God’s plan, we all need one another. 



The Storytellers Network


In the Storytellers Network, faith-based writers enjoy creative enrichment, encouragement, and development within an interdisciplinary writing community.

Designed and led by Ruth Buchanan, the Storytellers Network offers writers the enrichment, encouragement, resources, and confidence they need to move forward. 

Whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction—for the stage, page, or screen—there’s a place here for you. 

In the Storytellers Network, you can

  • Explore stories and storytelling techniques in a warm and welcoming environment 
  • Forge meaningful connections with faith-based writers across disciplines
  • Find help, encouragement, and accountability to keep going
  • Build key skills and abilities 
  • Hone your craft

Within a creative community, you can find comfort, encouragement, resources, and confidence to move forward. 



  • Daily access to the Storytellers members-only online community forum
  • Scheduled, hour-long monthly enrichment sessions led by Ruth Buchanan and special guests*
  • Monthly office hours with Ruth Buchanan*  
  • Community accountability through peer-led workshop groups
  • Access to personalized recommendations and resources 
  • Invitations to exclusive Storytellers writing retreats and meetups
  • Official Storytellers gear 

*Automatic captions available in Google Meet

Become a Storyteller

Heather Thompson Day

- Author of I'll See You Tomorrow and host of the Viral Jesus podcast

I had Ruth speak to my podcasting class at my university, and she was able to explain storytelling and character development in a way that literally electrified the entire room.

Eric Schumacher

Author of My Last Name and Worthy 

 From start to finish, it is evident that Ruth is for you, the writer, and will do all she can to see you succeed.

Chris Lassiter

Author of You're Grounded

I've used almost every service Ruth offers in some capacity. She's helped me become a much better writer as a writing coach. She's professionally edited work I needed to turn into publishers, and she's helped me plug into a community of storytellers. She also has a great joy about the way she goes about life. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to be a better writer or storyteller.

Calling All Writers

Unlike some writers' groups, the Storytellers Network doesn't make products, deliverables, and publication goals the sole focus of your development. Instead, we foster connections to the rhythms, tools, and skills you need to thrive in the craft long-term.

Projects and publications will come and go, but your investment in your writing and your connections in the writing community will follow you through your entire creative life. 

We are all better when we work together.

Stay connected to other faith-based writers who share a vision, passion, and love for the craft.

Don’t spend another day trying to make it on your own.

Come join us in the Storytellers Network and start connecting today. 

If you have questions or concerns about the network, feel free to reach out to litassist[at]buildabetterus.com for more information. 

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