It can be so frustrating to live in a body that feels like its fighting you. No matter what you do, the weight just doesn’t go anywhere. As a matter of fact, even after the fad diets, the hour-long sweat sessions at the gym, the prayer and supplication – the number on the scale is actually going up!

I understand, and I am here to help!


"45 Days to a Healthier You!!!"


 Select A Friend or Family. Start at ANYTIME!




2X ■ A 45 DAY Meal Plan

2X■ Accountability & Partner Plan

2X■ 45 DAY Fitness Plan

2X■ 6 Transformational Lessons

2X■ Fitness Plans

■ and much more!!!

And now you can take it at your own pace with your own accountability partner(s)!

Did you know that having an accountability partner increases your chance of success by up  to 95%!

It’s easy to put our own health on the back burner especially when life keeps getting in the way. Between work, family and other obligations, you haven’t prioritized your own wellness. 

Or maybe you have the time and energy, but you have no idea where to start!


Most of us don’t grow up learning this stuff.

But here is what I absolutely believe:

Feeling in control of your own body, feeling confident in your own skin, feeling healthy and well are all things that you deserve.

You shouldn’t feel guilt for putting yourself first. You shouldn’t feel bad for making your health a priority. As a matter of fact, putting you first actually benefits everyone around you!

Imagine being your healthy weight, being able to run around without getting winded.

Imagine going to the doctors office and having them tell you that all of your numbers are perfect!

Imagine looking in the mirror and actually feeling GOOD about who is staring back at you. 

Imagine doing it all with a friend!




BOLD CLAIM… how do I know? Because I was once where you are!

Hi! I’m BJ –  Creator of The 45 Day Total Transformation Challenge.

I remember being where you are. And feeling like I had just lost the health and wellness battle. You are supposed to gain weight as you get older right? 


Having a “dadbod” is normal when you hit middle age, right?

Then a few years ago, my father passed away – complications from living an unhealthy lifestyle. It led him down a spiral of health issues that ultimately got the best of him. 

It threw me into a very serious depression. Would that be my fate? Would I leave my wife and kids at an early age too? I knew I didn’t want that to happen – something had to change. 

So, I developed a program for myself and committed to it for 45 days. I was all in! if not for myself, then for my family!

They need me around for as long as possible. 

The results were crazy! I lost 30+ pounds and have kept it off!



It was so drastic, that my friends started asking what I was doing. How was I able to lose weight, gain energy, and look healthier than I had ever been… ever!?

So, I decided to let them in on the little secret. And they were the first testers.

Turns out, the results weren’t just mine.

Take a look at what Sho Baraka was able to accomplish, in only 45 days!

And look at Latasha Roberts Owens!

And these are the same results I want for you.


This is 45 days to a whole new you and a whole new life. 

In just 7 weeks EVERYTHING will change! Here’s how…

Mindset: Your Relationship with Food

  • Relationship with food 
  • Traditions 
  • Scarcity 

It may not be that we have a family history of high blood pressure it could be that our family tradition of food creates high blood pressure  

Mindset: The Little things are BIG

  • Microbiology of food
  • Crash diet trauma  
  • Inflammation - Thy food is a pill 

Understanding how we view diets and getting into the new mindset 

Mindset: Food Trauma

Is food a coping mechanism for your trauma?

Do you eat when you're sad?

Do you choose bad food to celebrate?

Mindset: Clear Thinking

Depression & Neurotransmitters

Understanding how food can cause depression 

Mindset: Soul care 

Soul with a body demands soul care 

You need other people 

Mindset: Purpose

If you are a Soul, you have a Purpose 

Walking by Faith will demand you grow in Love


Which one of these “NOTS” has been keeping you from losing weight, feeling great, and living the life you want, IN THE BODY YOU WANT?

ONE: Not feeling confident that this will work for you - Because you have tried everything – and none of it stuck.

TWO: Not knowing where to even begin - Because maybe you’re new on this health journey.

THREE: Not knowing if you can actually do it - Because you have tried before, but quit before you got to the end.

If any, or all of these sound like you, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s not your fault.

Most people who are successful at this health and wellness game have an unfair advantage. THEY HAVE A SYSTEM!

And that’s what this 45-day Challenge will be for you. But not just a system…. it is more than that!

Losing the weight (and keeping it off) is not easy. And it's definitely not easy when you try to do it by yourself. With the 45 day challenge you get the system and the support you need to FINALLY make the long-lasting change you desire.

A healthier version of you.
A better-looking version of you.
A more confident version of you.

You are not alone in this. Me and my whole team got your back – and in 45 days – you will look in the mirror and be shook!

If you’re on the fence – but still not sure, here are my 2 Guarantees.


1. This will work for you even if you have never tried a weight loss program before.
2. This will work even if you have tried EVERY other weight loss program before.


The 45 Day Challenge is unlike anything else out there because we approach health and wellness with a mind, body, and spirit approach.

And now the time has come for you to make a choice.

You can go into this next season of your life doing the same thing, living the same way, being your same unhealthy self – constantly judging yourself for the way you look and the poor choices you are making.


You can join us. Making the decision to jump into something new is scary, but you have a whole team and a whole group supporting you! So don’t let the fear be the stop sign!

This can be the start of the improved you – all you need is a plan.

And you are just one click away from that!

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Your health should be a priority. Waiting for things to change without participating in the process won't work. I know what its like to be unhappy and unhealthy. I know what its like to watch a parent struggle with health issues and lose their battle leaving behind loved ones to pick up the pieces. I know what its like to be afraid of doing that to my own family. 

You are ONE decision from changing your whole life. I want to help you get there. Consider this my personal invitation into The 45-Day Total Transformation Challenge. 

We will do it together!


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